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Some folks who are still active on LJ are trying a "friending frenzy" to try and resuscitate this place and clear out some of the tumbleweeds. If you are interested, check it out or start your own.


This has been a public service announcement for the 20-30 of you left out there.
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Facebook is an inadequate medium to satisfy most of our online needs. It think this is proven by the fact that that I see so many post by my LJ friends complaining about it. Facebook is not generally a place for refection or involved thoughts. It’s the place where most of my co-workers gather online so I do get up-to-date snippets from their lives sooner than I would otherwise and I enjoy that. There are a few performers that I follow there, but I think that I know all of them personally. Mostly for me though, it’s more a place to run into people I once knew, chat with them excitedly for a few minutes, then realize that there’s a reason I don’t see them very often.

You may have a desire to read that negatively. I don’t mean it that way. I find it incredibly satisfying – sometimes even cathartic – to communicate with folks who I used to see every day -- people who were crucial to life at whatever time they touched it – and see they are doing good things, raising children, and living in exotic (to me) cities like Cleveland and Baltimore. But I don’t have much unfinished business out there. And the reason I don’t see those folks much, no matter if I miss their daily presence, is that they are busy doing something else.

I know that’s obvious. But between 1. Living in a city that people live in and leave quite often 2. Growing up in a town that’s too expensive for most kids to reside in when they grown up 3. Working very public jobs 4. Historically being a sometime anarcho-tourist and 5. Going to college across the country from where I grew up, I know a lot of people that I don’t know anymore, if you know what I mean. Facebook is good for seeing that those folks went on somewhere. It might be just me. I’m overly nostalgic. But I like the frequent reminders that they are carrying on, even if I will likely not see most of them again in real life.

My girlfriend from 1985-1986 found me recently. We haven’t communicated for about 20 years but there wasn’t any bad feeling. We just went in different directions. Well, not totally different directions really since her husband (who I’ve never met) worked with my friends (who he didn’t know back then!) Tia and Carl (Whose New Orleans documentary “Trouble the Water” just got nominated for an Academy Award!).

But she had bad news along with the good. A friend – her name was Young -- from back in those days had died. My ex had stayed in touch but I hadn’t seen Young since 1987 or so. The three of us had spent a lot of time together back then but all I can really remember about Young was her intensity and her loud, crazy cackle-laugh. I can’t claim to be in mourning, but it is sad.

I promised I would look for pictures and the only one I had of her is actually really fitting, even if it was taken on Halloween. Young is on the top right, my ex is hugging her and two of my housemates are in the foreground.

While I was looking for that picture, I found another one of another person from those days that I heard was dead. As I type this, I can’t remember who would have told me that information so I’m a little tentative to spread the word. I feel like it was someone I trust, but have no way to know.

Here’s Becky (on the right) having a drunken snow fight with the singer of Mutant Breed sometime in 1985:
becky and the Mutant Breed guy

This was the time of year that, to commemorate my friend Ron Apple’s stupid death, I used to call for people to post their memories of friends who died Stupid Punk Rock Deaths I called for an amnesty for one day on the pain they caused in order to remember the good things about them.

I am not calling for that today. (Though if you want to remember a friend use the link in the last paragraph). Today I’m just thinking how weird it is that a medium like Facebook can be so ephemeral and content-less yet also provide the opportunity for these fulfilling and/or intense interactions. I’m still figuring out my relationship to it I guess.
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For what it's worth, I'll be voting [livejournal.com profile] jette.

She's an awesome person on LJ and irl. She's raised children so she can deal with anything the LJ community can throw at her. She lives close enough to the Russian part of SF that she will know how to deal with LJ's owners. And the very first time I met her she came bearing mixed drinks!

Seriously though, she wants to be on the advisory board and she wants to do what she can. I think [livejournal.com profile] jette understands the positive things that online communities can do. She's been on LJ longer than me and I trust her to do as good a job as anyone possibly can on that stacked deck of a group she's running for.

Voting is here
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I really have been ignoring this journal recently. It’s not personal. I miss my LJ interaction, the comment threads, the typos, the ill-advised statements, the meeting of new cheese friends…

I’ve just been so over-committed. As of today my responsibility for a work project that I’ve been working on for four years goes to someone else so there is some relief in sight. Of course, I already feel like this year is full: cheese trips, niece’s performances, my parents’ 50th anniversary… lots of stuff.

I just wanna say that I haven’t forgotten you. I, unfortunately have half-written entries on a variety of subjects that I haven’t had time to finish. I’m sure I’ll finish some soon. So stick around. I’m not abandoning you.

Coming soon:
Terroir bullshit (with an graphic illustration of dumbness)
Anti-racist feminism
Worker co-op vignettes from the last 15 years
“Those Darn White Kids” scanned from old “Pocho” zines (by request!)
More of my favorite forgotten albums

Feel free to suggest topics if you want. I will feel free to ignore them, but you never know.
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For some reason,* I was thinking about LJ folks that aren't here anymore, people who I used to read all the time who disappeared from LJ land.

[livejournal.com profile] wouldprefernot2 and [livejournal.com profile] andypop, of course, have an excuse for not updating their LJs, since they went and died way too young. But where are you Marlysmullen? Longhindlegs? Teabee? George500? Candywarhol? (Ok, I know where Teabee is, I just miss her writing.) I hope you all are doing ok.

Are there (ex-)LJ folks out there that you people miss?

*I think it was [livejournal.com profile] nihilistic_kid's remembrance of wouldprefernot2 a couple of weeks ago that put it in my head.
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By the way, if you've friended me and want me to friend your journal, let me know in the comments. If I don't know you, let me know something about you (like you do or don't work for a cheese company). I often forget to check my marnanel.

I don't have many locked posts, but occasionally some are locked so they don't get all googled.
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When I started my LJ, it was fairly underground. I had it locked to searching and no one I knew professionally was gonna find me by accident since I had a hard enough time finding anyone else over 30 here myself at first. Most of my readers were real life friends without LJs.

But now it’s been over four years and odd people pop up. I’ve run into folks at trade shows who’ve brought up things I’ve written here. I’ve shared the address on purpose with some trusted cheese friends. When I named a cheesemaker on my east coast tour* I got a call from his marketing person two weeks later thanking me for the article. Sure enough, googling the cheesemaker’s name (not his cheese) the first two hits are my LJ and my flickr.

The cheese world is very small so that makes sense. I’m sure there are professional cheese lurkers out there as well and that’s fine. I only tell the real cheese secrets in bars late at night so I have nothing to hide in this journal. Find me late at night at the cheese conference, that’s where I’ll talk shit.

This is all a roundabout way of making my more-or-less annual please introduce yourself if you are new to my journal post. Not just cheese lurkers, but people with actual LJs who have friended me but rarely or never commented. Let me know who you are.

I’ve noticed quite a few people friend me and then unfriend me without ever letting themselves be known. Nothing wrong with that mind you, you won’t get guilt from me. I just feel like a host who hasn’t welcomed you to the party so I’m making up for it now.


How are you? Do you know anyone else at the party? Are you getting everything you need? Tell me a little about yourself.

*it’s no secret but I am not naming him here because I don’t want to lock this entry but don’t want the name to link back to such a navel-gazing LJ entry.
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So, the other day I spent like 15 minutes trying to remember the new journal name of a real life friend who’s LJ I’ve been reading for a couple of years. Frustrating! Just as I was about to call them at work I found it but it made me realize that there are others out there, especially newer folks, who I know little about.

Then I saw [livejournal.com profile] aparadecia make a poll for her readers and I thought, great idea! Do you mind? We both know you’re only pretending to work right now anyway.

[Poll #594689]
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People, people. Take a deep breath. You’ll have to make do without me for the next two weeks or so while I drive cross country with [livejournal.com profile] prof_southbay from Seattle to Michigan. In response to many of your inquiries, no, I am not going to the Michigan Women’s Music Festival. Ever since they started letting punk bands play there it just hasn’t been the same. So much anger. Not enough water metaphors.

Here’s a fun discussion, what would be a more absurd vacation for me to take than that? Behave yourselves down there. I won’t be around to referee. While I’m gone I’ll miss all your soundless voices in the ether of my best electronic friend. Take care.
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Here's a Livejournal search tool. A lot of people write about my workplace but say nothing but "Went to XXXXXXX Grocery, then went to Petco." One LJer was there when we flooded last year though, that was exciting.
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If you were a cheese, what kind of cheese would you be?

If you know me, and you had to describe me as a certain kind of cheese, what would you choose and why? Negative points for saying "gorgonzola" unless you have a reason, besides my journal name, to back it up.
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I love my new icon!
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Here are my answers to the 30-questions-but-I’m-only-posting-the-answers meme that everyone is doing:

1. yes
2. no
3. maybe
4. sometimes
5. if I can get time off work
6. not since I was very young
7. I hope to before I die
8. I don’t know
9. Why on earth would you ask that? You’re sick.
10. Hahahaha! Of course.
11. No, but I have a friend who did.
12. Someday, if I win the lottery
13. Maggots
14. I can’t even tell anymore
15. LiveJournal, of course.
16. Do you think that’s a fair question?
17. What?
18. Joan Jett
19. Ask me later
20. Cell phones and puppies
21. Everywhere
22. Lakes are creepy
23. I’m busy that night
24. Rainbow is closed on Sunday May 1 for International Workers Day, don’t forget.
25. Let me ask a sales rep
26. Beer
27. 11 hours
28. Not until now
29. How do you know about that?
30. Cheese, duh.

Do people mind that I skipped a step?
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But the random drama generator is cracking me up

I don't know why [livejournal.com profile] ericaceous went all psycho over me and [livejournal.com profile] slit having a little fun.

Hey newbies

Feb. 8th, 2005 08:21 am
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I think it's time for that periodic "who are you new folks?" question. If you have started reading my journal in the last few months, let me know who you are. Introduce yourself to the rest of the class. Tell me how you found me. Describe your internet persona. Let yourself be known. You're under no obligation, of course, and I'm very glad to have you reading, but there are so many new and mysterious names on that friendslist that I've gotten curious.

I'm Gordon. I sell cheese. I live in San Francisco. My internet persona is far wittier than my real life one.
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Are you on the lesbo list?
Read more... )
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ok, I'm working on some real posts. But what future photo post themes would you like to see in the future? I worked in a photo lab for years so I probably have a picture to fit any theme.


Jan. 4th, 2005 08:26 pm
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ok, I've been trying to compile a best/worst year end list and am not succeeding. Pretty much much I'm stalled after best/worst death. What do you want to see in a (late) year end list?
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Sometimes I wonder how long it will be before everyone has blogs of some sort. At [livejournal.com profile] amarama and [livejournal.com profile] fattest’s klezmer show it seemed like half the room had LJs.* The difference between this and other events with a lot of LJ people is that it wasn’t like we all saw Ama’s post and decided to go. It was a combination of people who I knew before LJ: [livejournal.com profile] anarqueso, [livejournal.com profile] ilipodscrill, [livejournal.com profile] fattest, people I met through LJ: [livejournal.com profile] amarama, [livejournal.com profile] felicks who I knew would be there. A person I met through LJ who I didn’t know would be there: [livejournal.com profile] maeve66 and an LJ person who I still don’t know but wrote about going: [livejournal.com profile] princessmaam. How many other LJers were there?

It made me think about a day where pretty much everyone would have an online persona. What will happen to social interaction? Will it be an extension of surveillance society? Will there be even more self-aware posturing? Will there be more self-fulfilling prophecy (I said this would be fun. Therefore it will be fun!)?

It seems like just a matter of time. Obviously I have more readers than I did 3 years ago but this crazy little patch of internet that once seemed secluded seems awfully busy these days. My work life now collides with my writing one. Don’t get me wrong. I like it. But it does change the social nature of things.

A lot of other people do the technology critique of society better than I do so I’ll stop there. I do wanna add one more related thought though. If Blogs and LJs are the zines and cafes of this generation, then ebay is the pamphlet, short manifesto, and the place to shout in the dark and hope that someone hears. I once had high hopes for karaoke but (thank you [livejournal.com profile] deadletters) ebay is where people go now when they have no other place to vent. Among the vast amount of collectibles and crap out there, there are some poignant moments.

* obviously this is a lie since the room was packed. But you know what I’m saying.


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