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Now Channel 5 thinks our coupons are newsworthy!

Best part is our Rainbow person plugging my book while talking about the cheese department.

Otherwise there are some factual inaccuracies (we started the coupons originally because we were trying to make the weekends less crowded, not because we were having hard times), and it would have been nice to hear the word "cooperative". But you can't get mad at free publicity.
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Ha! Awesome and big front page article on our crazy coupon days. Coupon days will be even more insane now. For non-coupon shoppers, I can wholeheartedly recommend Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays for calm, peaceful shopping. It’s like going back in time a decade on those days cuz everyone is coming Wednesdays and Thursdays.

This is my favorite picture. Both Stagey and I independently thought of those old Mervyn’s ads.

“Open… open… open…”

Next year will be different so enjoy the insanity until October when the coupons end. Hey, since I’m doing an ad anyway, we’re having a customer appreciation day today. 3-6 there will be giveaways, Rainbow bands, and other stuff. It’s at the 13th St. entrance (My total pet peeve is my co-workers who insist on calling it “Division”. Especially on the website. Grrrrrr.)

And don’t forget: closed on Pride, open on July 4.
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Everyone so far says it's really boring this year. Drama-wise I mean. I didn't ask about the workshops. More news as it comes.
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I can admit it. I'm not proud of it, but I can admit it. When I saw this headline I thought it was about Michael Jackson and the Fox Network, not about Jessie Jackson and Vicente Fox's recent comments about how Mexicans do the jobs that "even Black people" won't do. And I have to admit that I was more interested in the car crash spectacle that the former would have been than the rote and depressing exercise that the latter turned out to be.
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I read the paper every day but I try not to let it get to me. I fully believe that the capitalist press exists in part to demoralize us. Still, there was a quote in the article about a failed organizing drive at Wal-Mart that got to me.

Cody Fields, who earns $8.10 Per hour after two years at the garage, said he originally backed the union "because we need a change" but said the antiunion videos* were effective. "it’s just a bunch of brainwashing, but it kind of worked," he said.


Oddly, this quote only appears in the print edition of today’s Chron. Not in the online version or the NY Times online version where it was syndicated from.

*Shown as part of a daily anti-union campaign by Wal-Mart’s full-time anti-union organizers.
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Proof that the editors of The Chronicle don’t ride the bus from the first page of the 2/16 Bay Area section:

The board that oversees MUNI holds its final public meeting on a plan to possibly raise fares from $1 to $1.25

For out-of-towners, MUNI raised its fares to $1.25 in 2003.
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In their (punk) group, he said, those who disrespect women are not allowed to have their hair in a mohawk.

and yes, I know this isn't really funny. If I'm remembering right, the print version was even more punker-phobic.
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--I was listening to the new Party, the best radio in Northern California, and I heard an odd ad. For the station that calls itself "the Beat of the Bay" I love how one of their station taglines is "From the Castro to the Bay". Certainly my home is included in that, but I was driving in those "conservative" western neighborhoods at the time.

--Watching football on Thanksgiving I was putting off going to my parents house. How much was I putting this off? I was watching the halftime show. Destiny’s Child was performing "I Need a Soldier", accompanied by dancers, a marching band, and a small Marine Corps* unit. The Marines were doing tricky things with their rifles marching in time to the song. I was finding the all too customary confluence of football and the military kinda depressing until DC started wrapping up the number. At that point the marching unit formed a circle around their leader and pointed their bayoneted rifles directly at his head. Since when did symbolic fragging become a part of military parades?

*I think they were Marines, I could be wrong. They could have been from some other branch. I don’t think they were hired dancers
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Yesterday, while watching the TV news coverage of Dia de los Muertos in the East Bay I heard the commentator say, "People here are not just remembering loved ones. One woman built a shrine in memory of the alleged ‘toxic death of the environment.’"

Good thing they had their lawyers on that one. It would suck to be sued by the environment for defamation or inaccurate reporting.
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A deserter from the US Army had a reunion with his Japanese-born wife yesterday. They met in Indonesia so the US couldn’t extradite him. He deserted in 1965 in Korea supposedly to join the workers’ paradise of North Korean socialism.

Just when you think that Cold War habits are dead, the LA Times reporters last paragraph* starts with this great sentence:

In Pyongyang, he apparently lived as a member of the elite, faring better than ordinary North Koreans in one of the world’s poorest countries.

Wouldn’t it be great if they felt the need to identify all foreign leaders and notables this way? Not to mention domestic Presidential candidates, members of Congress, and community "leaders". Especially when this information has nothing to do with the "newsworthy" information of the article.

"Candidates Bush, a multi-millionaire, and Kerry, a billionaire, live as members of the world’s elite, faring far better than ordinary Americans and with a lifestyle beyond the comprehension of most of the world’s citizens."

*well, actually I read it in the Chron which may have cut it up into pieces as they like to do to make more room for ads.
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I really should listen to the radio more often. On the way back from butching it up with my dad, we were building bookshelves, I heard another great moment in radio.

Caller: "So, I saw The Passion of Christ today. I've never seen so many people crying at a movie theater."

Host: "Well, if you're a Christian, that's your guy. You hate to see all this bad stuff happen to him."

I seriously almost crashed the car I was laughing so hard.


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