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In years past, we have often gone to co-op conferences where it was clear that some of the things we have to account for as a large urban grocery store are different from smaller town co-ops.* An incident yesterday sums it up.

A co-worker noticed someone who looked a little crazy** acting strangely upon entering the store. He had a big Macy's bag with them which is a good sign of a bad shoplifter. Co-worker was keeping an eye on him and I guess he noticed because he came up to her and opened his bag. "Look!" he snarled from his toothless mouth.

She assumed he was just showing her an empty bag to prove his innocence so she was all, "it's fine"

Then he snarled louder "LOOK!"

She looked. He was carrying four rats with him. She started screaming "Get out! Get out! Get out!" Seemingly satisfied, he wandered towards the exit.

Later that day I was relaying this story to Formaldhyde and he asked, "Were the rats alive or dead?" I had assumed alive and hadn't even thought to ask. He had assumed dead.*** I had to call my co-worker at home. "The rats… were they alive or dead?"

"Alive. Chocolate brown. They looked like pets. Uh, did you really call me at home just to ask me that?"

"Of course," I said. Oral history is the life blood of any cooperative.

*I could have sworn I wrote about the anti-oppression workshop I went to where someone tearfully spoke about a customer saying meanly, "Do you have to be a dyke to shop here or what?" and how all my co-workers laughed. But I can't find it. Anyone remember that anecdote or should I tell it again?

**Our standard of "crazy" is pretty high. Just take my word for it here.

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Hmmm, I guess it should make me happy that it's taken me this long to get to the point where I need to make an internet peeves post. I don't usually vent here, even if that's its primary use for many. Still. a little negativity always helps liven up a journal. If you think these are about you in particular, they're not. Or more accurately, they may be about you a little, but if it was just you I'd find it an adorable quirk and be amused by it.

Here goes:

1. Blogs without rss feeds. I haven't seen a layout yet that was so nice I didn't prefer to read on my friendslist or aggregate page.

2. Whining about LJ cuts. I cut pictures if I want to make them big, and linked articles. I would cut spoilers if I wrote about spoilery topics. Ditto with NSFW images and text. But for anything else I don't understand it. I'm on your FL because I wanna read you. If you think my posts are too long, unfriend me or put me on a long-winded filter.

Not cutting something that screws up my friendspage formatting is inexcusable though.

3. Equating air travel restrictions as a harbinger of the coming fascist state. I'm not talking no-fly lists, racial profiling, or specific Patriot act travesties which do merit that discussion. I mean like all the hoo-haw about the cops pulling their guns on that girl they thought was carrying a bomb. Some on the internet seem to think that since she was an MIT student (and MIT students "don't do mornings" well)* that this just shows how bad things have gotten

Whatever. I think the attention that long security lines and new restrictions get just shows the class nature of air travel (and the internet). Most of these people don't comment or post on their LJs when the cops pull guns on or kill inner city kids. In fact, pulling guns on urban youth just isn't news. But man, a kid going to one of the US's most elite schools bringing something that could certainly, at a fast glance, look like some kind of bomb. How dare they question her?

(Anyone who also writes about the post-Columbine loss of "free speech" in the schools or other issues mentioned above is exempt from this peeve.)

4. Speaking of free speech, anyone who reaffirms another persons "right to say what they want" during an internet argument. Next time I'm gonna say, "Thank you. An you have a right to bear arms in a well-regulated militia."

5. Using the never-actually-said-or-written Emma Goldman "quote", "If I can't dance, it's not my revolution" for justification of one's own political inaction. Since there's no real quote, there's only context. That context is of an theorist, lecturer, and anarchist who sacrificed most things in her life to build a revolution that never happened, finally dying in exile. The quote is about the need to enjoy oneself in the small percentage of her life when she wasn't actively involved in The Struggle. Not about, "If it's not fun, I won't do it."

6.Lack of attention to labor issues amongst people who blog about other political issues. On my FL only one person mentioned the UAW strike today. I don't think anyone mentioned the local garbage lockout even though it went on for a couple of weeks and impacted large parts of Oakland. And hey, the SEIU security guards in San Francisco just went out too. Yet, personality-driven "political" arguments affecting very few people will travel from journal to journal and be discussed for days. Well, those are more fun, it's true.

I'm sure there are more, but I've run out of steam. I'm sure you have your own. Geez, I didn't even mention Randists engaging in discussions as if that was a valid philosophy. I think that's a good sign.

Oh wait, I know how to end this

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*It's "think pieces" like this that made Chumbawamba write the song "Ulrike" (Holy crap! I didn't realize that Shhh! And Slap are out on one CD called "Shhhlap!". I just bought it. Two of the '90s best records available again!)
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So, LJ is usually dead on holiday weekends. I figured I would do a public service for all those folks who are in front of their computers. Here's a poll on current events. Feel free to leave comments and tell me how my poll answers don't adequately represent your views. Feel free to rant in the comment section. Bookmark and enjoy all weekend!

Happy Labor Day! Go reds, smash state!

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I love this photo so much that I have to post it. It will definitely be my New Year's card photo but I couldn't wait. It was taken during our first annual International Workers Day beer hunt. I finished 4th.

Photo taken by [livejournal.com profile] anarqueso

Oh and what the heck. I haven't done a poll in months.

[Poll #988807]

(Edit: This website for The Gits documentary provides a decent history of the band. Music starts right away.)


Dec. 11th, 2006 10:28 am
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[livejournal.com profile] dairryiere and I are having our first fight. We are both card players but have a crucial difference of opinion on cribbage.

I was taught that you shuffle and then alternate the deal until you are out of cards (four hands) before you shuffle again. You have the exact number of cards needed (52) for this which I believe backs my theory. This allows more strategy because you can count cards and know whether to dump cards in your opponent's crib if you wanna guess they won't hurt you etc. I learned cribbage from a German immigrant hunting buddy of my dad's and from Brooklyn Jew [livejournal.com profile] jactitation.

Dairryiere plays that you shuffle after every deal and claims the entire Sonoma Senior Center and all of Norway are behind her. I believe regionality and ethnicity come into the way card playing is handed down but please, no slurs about the Norweigens dumbing down the game and taking most of the strategy out of it.

What do you think, cribbage players? And don't just Hoyle me on this one. How were you taught?

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So, the other day I spent like 15 minutes trying to remember the new journal name of a real life friend who’s LJ I’ve been reading for a couple of years. Frustrating! Just as I was about to call them at work I found it but it made me realize that there are others out there, especially newer folks, who I know little about.

Then I saw [livejournal.com profile] aparadecia make a poll for her readers and I thought, great idea! Do you mind? We both know you’re only pretending to work right now anyway.

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