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In the various online communities devoted to schnauzers, you rarely see one 1. dirty, 2. at the beach or 3. having fun. Here's your white schnauzer splosh porn that others won't post.

1. Dirty

2. At the beach
Pacific Ocean Schnauzer

3. Having fun (Schnauzers are faster than you think!)
fast schnitz

4. All three together!
mud-eating schnauser
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Dancing a jig at the beach
Fort funston
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I love this shot. It helps that we had just vacuumed the hall and stairs. He's so thoughtful

Pensive Schnitzel
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Windy Day Schnitzel!
windy schnitzel
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Schnitzel in Fall
Schnitzel in Fall
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We tried to find the same tree. Unfortunately, I didn’t study the pose well enough.

Schnitzel, me, and a redwood tree 2011

Schnitzel, me, and a redwood tree 2010
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OMG, vacation did me good. I haven’t taken a real, not-working-on-another-project vacation for a long time. I hung out with Stagey, played with Schnitzel in the river, cooked lots of food and read four books.

This was our view:

Schnitzel kept busy by securing the perimeter.

South Side secure!
South side secure!

West side secure!
West side secure!

He also enjoyed howling at the workmen next door

and I kept busy pulling stuff out of his beard.
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Mr. Schnitzel went off his feed yesterday for the first time ever. He's had the occasional stomach upset -- and other, grosser dog problems -- but ever since we figured out what to feed him at about 2 months he has not been a picky eater. He is, as dogs tend to be, always hungry and just as happy to eat paper, leaves and carpet as his regular food.

But starting on Sunday and continuing yesterday he wouldn't eat anything and just slept all day. He vomitted up his water and we had to go outside every couple hours. I was really worried! Can you tell this is my first dog as an adult?

Finally, this morning he ate a little pumpkin and rice and held it down. He's sleeping in the "sun" right now, but it is his normal sleep. He growled at a bird about 15 minutes ago so I know he's doing better. Yesterday he slept right through a roofer working (on another house) about 20 feet from his head. This is a dog that barks if someone walks past the window inside the old folks home 2/3 of the way down the block.

Anyways, he seems to be on the road to recovery. His beard is orange from the pumpkin. It looks like health.

Here's a picture from two weeks ago at [livejournal.com profile] reveritas's place. He's had a haircut since then.



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